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All aspects of the project are considered.

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Electrical Project Estimating

Our team helps clients to develop and plan a budget for their electrical projects.

Electrical Cost Estimating

Estimators determine the overall cost of an electrical project, including labor and materials.

On-Point Electrical Estimates

Precise and reliable cost estimates for electrical construction projects delivered with accuracy.

Electrical Construction Estimating Services

ABOUT OUR Estimates

We Furnish Thorough Electrical Construction Estimating Services

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive electrical cost estimating services for construction projects. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that all aspects of your electrical project are thoroughly assessed and accurately estimated while giving you confidence in your budget and timeline.

Quick Turnaround

Swift completion of electrical cost estimating.

24/7 Services

Always accessible electrical work by square foot project estimating


Our Electrical Estimating Services

Trust our electrical estimators for estimating electrical construction projects. We deliver all types of Electrical Estimating Services.

Electrical Estimating Outsourcing

Electrical project estimators outsource electrical estimating for efficient cost management.

Commercial Electrical Estimating

Estimate costs for electrical work in commercial settings using industry standards and expertise.

Residential Electrical Estimating

Use industry standards and expertise to estimate the expenses of electrical projects for residential buildings.

Industrial Electrical Estimating

Electrical cost estimators estimate costs for electrical installation and equipment in industrial settings.

Instrumentation and Control Electrical Estimating

Sensors, transmitters, control valves, PLCs, SCADA, instrumentation, calibration, automation, feedback, and process control.

Electrical Takeoff Estimating

Outsource electrical takeoff services to accurately estimate project costs and optimize resource allocation.

Electrical Wiring Estimating

We do accurate electrical wiring estimation and assess labor, material, equipment, and related expenses.

Low Voltage

Our team is available for project budget estimation if you deal with low voltage electrical projects.

Power Distribution Electrical Estimating

At Electrical Estimation, we estimate the budget required for power distribution projects using tools and software.

Win More Electrical Projects with Our Precision Estimating

Busy contractors often miss out on $100,000+ in project contracts monthly due to limited time for accurate estimating. At Electrical Estimation, we’ve tailored our electrical estimating services to help you win and succeed. Stop leaving money on the table — partner with us for precise estimates, lucrative contracts, and unmatched success in the electrical industry.


The Most Trustworthy Electrical Estimating Company

Our electrical estimating company use modern electrical construction estimating software to help contractors and builders to accurately calculate costs for electrical projects.

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The Most Trustworthy Electrical Estimating Services


Get Electrical Construction Estimates for Your Next Project from Us!

Softwear We Use for Electrical Estimation

Approach for Precise Estimates Electrical Estimates


Collaborative Approach for Precise Estimates

We prioritize collaboration and attention to detail using innovative tools, open communication, adaptability, and a commitment to timely delivery.

Bottom-up Estimating

We break down a project into individual components and estimate the cost of each one. We focus on thoroughly understanding the project scope and specifications to ensure all necessary components are included in the estimate.

Analogous Estimating

We use historical data from similar projects to estimate the cost of a current project. We focus on accessing the database of past projects and comparing them to the current project. It provides quick and accurate estimates.

Our Deliverables in Electrical Estimation

Deliver transparent cost breakdown of complete projects so you can stabilize yourself financially and manage projects efficiently. Material cost, labor wages, contingencies, everything is covered by our professional and expert estimators.

Besides main expenses, we also consider and provide data about overhead and markup expenses in estimating reports. Using this, you can understand the project expenses and specify your profit margins. 

Assess labor rates in town digging market trends and deliver authentic data using digital tools and software providing real-time labor wages data. Always precise and accurate for profitable outcomes. 

Our team does project risk assessment, identifying and evaluating potential risks may arise during electrical project processing. We enable reliable solutions through proactive measures and mitigate risk efficiently.  


Provide you information about all the material required for electrical system installation. Deliver accurate takeoff so there is no gap for material shortage and excessive waste production, leading to increased project cost. 

Evaluate equipment and machinery expenses, negotiate rates with suppliers, and suggest to you the cost-effective and most affordable option available in the market. We ensure 100% project efficiency through this data. 

In our electrical estimating report, we provide you data helping you schedule and manage projects efficiently. We suggest ways for effective project management and timely deliveries. Our provided data make these things possible. 

You get value engineering recommendations for cost effective and efficient project completion. Cutting down project expenses without compromising the quality of outcomes. 100% ROI is guaranteed. 

Low Voltage Estimation


Benefits of Investing in Electrical Estimating

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At our estimating agency, we help you save time and focus on your core duties by providing accurate estimates.

Competitive Bidding

Our team provides you with quality bids that are both budget-friendly and competitive, so you can increase the win-bid ratio.
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Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating project risk is our duty. We highlight errors in plans and solve them with perfect risk management.

Client Confidence

Precise and accurate estimates are our recognition in the market. We make our clients confidently bid on multiple projects.
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Flexibility in Workload

We provide estimates with flexible services. You can get rid of pressurized moments and manage activities with a peaceful mind.
Electric Estimating Work By Square foot

Quick Adaptation to Market Changes

Our estimators help you modify processing quickly by adapting to market changes. Thus, always keep you in the first position.

Reliable Estimates


At our estimating company, we ensure you always get the precise and accurate estimates for your electrical project, regardless of its scope and complexities. 

number of wires


number of wires


number of wires

Instrumentation and controls

number of wires

PID Estimate


Our Electrical Estimation Process

We understand that each project differs from others in multiple aspects, such as scope, location, labor wages, etc. Therefore, we make and implement customized strategies for each electrical project.


Project Scope Analysis

Firstly, our team determines the electrical project scope with detailed assessment and site investigation. We specify location, dimensions, and other particularities for exact estimates.


Project Breakdown

Secondly, we break down the whole electrical project into small parts that we can tackle easily. It might be phases of electrical system installation or electrical system component based.


Material Takeoff

Next, we prepare a material takeoff sheet, presenting the details of electrical project materials (the quantities of each element). The materials can include Switches, Panels, Circuit breakers, etc.


Electrical Estimation

In the end, we enter the price of each electrical component and calculate the budget required for the complete project. Our final report contains quantities and rates of materials, labor wages, contingency expenses, etc.

Your Trustworthy Partners

Request a Quote For Precise & Accurate Estimates

Are you ready to transform your electrical project with precision and accuracy? Get in touch today! We are here for your complete assistance. Our team is specialized in determining authentic and accurate estimates for an electrical project.

Providing precise estimates, we help you efficiently allocate resources and streamline project budgets. Avoid surprises, stay on budget and complete your electrical project within strict time boundaries! Reach us to elevate the worth of your electrical project. Together we can make everything possible.

Electrical Estimation Clients

Our team helps builders by providing them comprehensive and on-point project cost projections. We enable you to do effective budget management, timely execution and completion of activities, and smooth constructions. 

Our customers consist of 85% general contractors. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, we are experts in estimating the budget of all electrical projects. According to our record, we have calculated the budget for 2253 residential electrical projects, 1281 commercial electrical projects, and 989 industrial electrical projects

Besides the professionals in the electrical industry, we offer electrical estimating services to direct homeowners. You can bring your electrical projects to our professional and get accurate estimates. Our team will suggest valuable points to reduce unnecessary costs from your electrical project budget. 

We help all electrical subcontractors by equipping them with accurate electrical estimates. In January 2024, we completed 2 projects with an inside electrical contractor and 1 project with an IBS electrical contractor. Other electrical subcontractors can also engage us in their projects to increase electrical efficiency. 

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. As an EPC contractor, you are responsible for electrical installations, project monitoring, and procurement. You can get budget estimating services at the point of your projects from our professional electrical estimators. We help you increase your project efficiency. 

Are you struggling with the budget issues of the HVAC project? Let us help you in this matter. We have helped 500+ HVAC electrical contractors in their electrical projects. These include installations, compliance, maintenance, repair, ductwork, and technical solutions. Thus, our client's list also contains HVAC contractors as our regular customers. 

The expert estimators of our electrical estimating firm also offer estimating services to electrical engineers. We help them fix the budget for their electrical projects, like electrical system designing, testing electrical systems, electrical maintenance, solving electrical issues, conducting feasibility studies, etc. 


Our company helps low-voltage electrical contractors streamline the budget for fire alarms, wiring, telephone connections, low-voltage switchboards, branch circuits, and feeder electrical projects. Since our startup, we have delivered quality results to 700+ low-voltage electrical constructors

Client Reviews

Based On 63 reviews
Christopher Manager

The Electrical Estimation company is the name where every electrical contractor can get rid of budget headaches. Their experts always equip me with precise and accurate estimates. Thanks Electrical Estimation!

Robert Engineer

The professionals of Electrical Estimation enabled me to manage time perfectly and complete my electrical project on-time. All the credit goes to their expertise in electrical estimation. Highly Recommended!

David Contactor

Whether for electric power distribution, low voltage or another electricity related project, the company’s experts can estimate the budget of all electrical projects. Their estimation lay the foundation for the projec’st ultimate success.


How accurate are your estimates and what factors affect the cost of a project?

At Electrical Estimation, we provide precise electrical estimates and we ensure accuracy using innovative software and tools. We emphasize project size, complexity, material required, and labor cost to hit the project on point.

Can you provide a quote before I commit to your services?

Yes, we can provide you with a free quote before you commit to our services. Once satisfied with our quality, you can use our services for your construction project.

What is electrical estimating and why do I need it?

Electrical estimating is the process of predicting the cost of an electrical project, including materials, labor, and other expenses. It helps to ensure accurate budgeting and bidding for construction and electrical companies.

What types of electrical projects do you estimate?

We provide our estimating services for commercial, residential, and industrial Projects.

What sets you apart from other estimating services?

Electrical Estimation is prominent among its competitors. The credit goes to our qualified estimators and their working strategies. Also, we stay open 24/7 for our clients and make sure of the shortest turnaround time for their satisfaction.

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