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About our Electrical Estimating services in New York

The size of the U.S. construction industry lies around 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars. New York is the biggest city on this land. This means it must cover the maximum percentage of industry size.

Well, we are a team of professional electrical estimators that offer electrical estimating services in New York. We started the business to help New York contractors win more bids and grow their businesses.

Years of Experience

With many years of industry experience, we confidently claim that we can meet your budget desires for an electrical project.

Unbeatable Expertise

We are efficient in critical thinking, active learning, problem-solving, mathematics, and physics formulae. Our team has unbeatable expertise.

FAQs - Electrical Estimating Company

Electrical Cost Estimating New York

The Electrical Estimation team observed that 8 out of every 10 contractors lost electrical bids in New York. There was a need to make some effort for them. Therefore, we started a company and offered them services for electrical estimating New York. We help them hit accurate budget estimates and increase the quality of bidding to increase winning chances. Today, the percentage has come to 3 out of 10 for the same factor.

Residential Electrical Estimating New York

The population of New York is around 18,937,000, which will increase in 2024. This year, more houses, apartments, smart homes, tiny houses, and mobile homes will be constructed. Our team is here to lighten up your space within a cost-effective budget. We are estimators who offer residential electrical estimating New York services and help our customers complete their projects efficiently. Contractors and our estimators can give you the best place to live in the city of lights.

Commercial Electrical Estimating New York

There are around 300,000 commercial units in New York. Surprisingly, our team resolved the electrical budget of 60% of these commercial buildings. First, we considered the energy needs of a particular project, suggested a system with suitable power capacity, and provided budget estimates for perfect electrical project completion. In commercial buildings, every square foot needs 22.5 kilowatt-hours (KWh) energy. So, we work accordingly.

Industrial Electrical Estimating New York

New York is the hub of business and commerce, thus having various industrial buildings in a specific area. We offer electrical estimating services in New York, whether you need new installations, maintenance, reinstallations, or resolving system issues. We help you install an electrical system that can efficiently keep your appliances operating without hindrance. Since our emergence, we have completed 2000+ industrial electrical estimating New York projects. Reach us today!

Outsource Electrical Estimating in NY

In 2023, around $731 billion was spent on outsourcing projects. It means it is highly beneficial. We offer outsourced electrical estimating in New York. There is no longer a need to pay your permanent estimators $7,566/month. We are here to help you estimate the budget of an electrical system efficiently, demanding what we did for you. With our assistance, you can focus on your core duties while saving hours and days. Get in touch with our team today!

Electrical Takeoff Services in NY

Overall, we have estimated the electrical budget of more than 5000+ projects. Besides counting, you can also reach us for electrical takeoff services in NY. We consider all the elements in our material quantification list. The list contains Conduits, Conductors, Fuses, Lighting, Fixtures, Lighting Controls, Switchgear Panels, Liquidtite, etc. The budget required to wire a new house can be between $4 to $9 per square foot. Get exact estimates from us.


Projects Our Electrical Estimating Services in New York Cover

Electrical Estimation is a name of trust where you can efficiently satisfy all electrical budget desires. We do consider your safety as a priority.

Manufacturing Plants

We offer electrical estimating services New York to all manufacturing plants, including textiles, food, electronics, chemicals, 3D printing, fertilizers, and automotive.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Whether in sports arenas or billiard halls, you can get our electrical estimates for all sports and entertainment venues.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

These plants consume 50k BTU/gallon each day. At our electrical estimating New York company, we have estimated 50+ water treatment plant electrical budgets in New York.

Health Care Sectors

New York healthcare sectors consume energy worth $8 billion yearly. Let us decrease this cost by value engineering and estimating your electrical project budget.

Educational Sectors

Do you need our assistance estimating your new school's electrical project budget? Get accurate estimates from our experts today!


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Contact us for profitable electrical estimating services in New York. We are experts in elevating contractors worth by helping them streamline their electrical projects. 

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What Make Our Electrical Estimating Company NYC the Best Choice

Electrical Estimation is the best-estimating company, delivering high-quality electrical budget assessments. One must hire our professionals for electrical estimating in New York:

  • We have many years of working experience in the electrical estimating industry.
  • Our experts have electrical technology, electrical engineering, and construction management degrees.
  • We have achieved 50+ certificates for delivering quality electrical estimates to reputable companies in New York.

Currently, we are working on 60 projects simultaneously, and all will be executed soon for a successful ending.

Bottom Up Estimation

Our team uses a bottom-up electrical estimating method to equip you with a detailed budget plan. This plan starts with the budget calculation of individual components and ends with summing up all expenses to get the overall project budget.

Top Down Estimation

Another method we use for calculating electrical project budgets is top-down estimation. It is exactly opposite to bottom-up. In this method, we first determine the overall project budget. Then, divide it into expenses of sub-tasks.

Hire Our Electrical Estimators in New York

With the assistance of our electrical estimators, you can streamline your complete electrical project, including activities, resources, and the budget required for them. We have helped hundreds and thousands of contractors in delivering 100% accurate results to their customers. With our support, you can ensure the next project will be in your pocket soon. 

Searching for Electrical Estimating Services Near Me

Are you searching for reliable Local electrical estimating services New York area? We are here to assist you with your project budgeting. Wherever you reside in New York City, we can efficiently reach you to solve your electrical estimating issues. In our working history, we have delivered profitable results in many areas, including Denmark, Lockport, Newburgh, Kinderhook, New Paltz, etc. Get in touch and let us know where you want us to solve your budget issues!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity do New York City residents consume?

The population of NYC is around 18,937,000. Each person in NYC consumes 925 kWh of electricity monthly, which means 11,100 kWh of energy annually. 

Can you estimate the electrical budget for my upcoming restaurant project?

Yes, we can estimate the electrical budget of your upcoming restaurant project. Just share your plans with detailed project specifications and get accurate electrical estimates!

How long have you been working in this field in NYC?

Electrical Estimation US has been delivering precise and accurate electrical estimates to NYC constructors for many years (More than 20 years). So, if you are searching for a trustworthy option, no one can do better than us. 

How much do you charge for making electrical estimates?

Our electrical estimating charges depend on your project needs and scope. If it is simple and will take less time for budget estimation, We will definitely charge less. However, if your project is complex, it will demand more time for budgeting, and ultimately, our charges will also increase. 

Can you provide us with an industrial electrical project budgeting sample?

Since our emergence, we have estimated the electrical budget of more than 500 industrial projects. You can ask for samples any time and check the quality we promise and deliver to our customers.