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Electrical Wiring Cost Per Square Foot Commercial

Are you getting worried about your commercial building electrical wiring? Obviously, you cannot skip it at any cost. Commercial buildings require different things for HVAC, technology, lighting and equipment regarding their businesses. For buildings of any type, electricity is their nervous system. Furthermore, electrical projects require custom solutions and fast lighting. To lower electrical expenses, business owners consume less electricity by applying facility management techniques. If you aim for your commercial space, you should know about electrical wiring cost per square foot commercial

Let’s discuss the factors of businesses deciding the ups and downs of the average cost.

Factors Affecting Commercial Electrical Wiring Costs

The size and requirements for the building and other high-tech amenities decide the electrical costs. The costs only involve installing switches and outlets. They don’t include appliance installation and fixture costs. You can add the cost of any required type of commercial cable. 

The factors influencing the price are:

  • Inspections
  • Permits
  • Project Type
  • Labor

Inspections and Permits

The per square cost of electricity depends on the permit charges. To meet the compatibility and safety needs, you must ensure the building codes for the wiring setup. If you want to renovate or construct a building, your contractor will get approval. It’s essential to keep the local regulations in line with every project stage. 

Additionally, when you do electrical wiring, your team will inspect the system to ensure efficiency and reliability. These costs depend on the specifications of the project. Their range usually falls between $300 -$700

Type of Project

Start new construction if you want to configure an electrical framework according to what you desire. You can start from zero to choose cables and materials. Renovation projects require rewiring because of tearing the damaged and old facilities during demolitions. New electrical work needs a new building. 

Outdated connections will negatively affect your everyday business flow. Electricity links with every aspect. To save your business from expensive updates, fix your damaged wiring. Your initial budget for installation will include spatial upgrades, drop ceilings, HVAC systems, etc.  


Hire licensed electricians who have experience in wiring commercially. The wiring should be compliant with the code strictly. The professional electricians charge on an hourly basis between $50 to $100. The charges depend on the project’s complexity. Furthermore, they rely on unpredictable configurations and the number of floors. 

It’s not possible to drill the existing infrastructure. Electricians need to change the layout of the wiring. The ultimate cost will include this cost as well. Electricians charge more for challenging work. So, any complexities in infrastructure will drive the charges of labor up. 

Average Commercial Wiring Cost Per Square Foot

Which type of business you operate decides the electrical systems of that commercial building? The average cost of electrical wiring is “$2 – $12 per square foot”. This range ‌ tells about the electrical wiring cost per square foot

The wiring costs for commercial buildings are higher than residential ones. Moreover, the demand for commercial power is based on heavy duty. A hospital or office will cost more to power up than a residential home, keeping the square footage constant.

How to estimate the cost of electrical wiring for a commercial building?

Let’s estimate the electrical cost required for commercial buildings based on their needs and types. These costs measure per square foot. 

In electrical makeup, lighting has a considerable part. Others may include hospital equipment and specialty operation on appliances. Specialty units are more expensive than other components. These electrical components can be the energy consumption and costs of installation. So, the commercial electrical prices of hospitals and restaurants are high. 

You can hire the services of electrical estimations for your project. They have experts who can accurately estimate the required commercial cost for electrical wiring. 

How to estimate the cost of electrical wiring for a commercial building

Tips for Saving Money on Electrical Wiring Costs

Businesses use strategies to become energy efficient. They implement customized strategies during the installation process at the start and during the consumption of energy. 

  • Use solar panels
  • Install light bulbs that save energy.
  • Invest in technologies that are automated.
  • Businesses should invest in smart systems that can monitor the utilities via remote apps. It provides better insights into wastage and monthly consumption.
  • You can analyze the patterns with energy tracking.

You will understand about working of the fixtures and types of equipment in peak hours. It will become easy for you to manage those units efficiently. You can do this by setting schedules of operations on the app.

Ensure that your units perform better. They can last longer when you supervise and maintain the energy profile of your building.  

Case Studies of Commercial Electrical Wiring Projects

Case studies of various commercial projects are available. Their electrical wiring constitutes more or less the cost of heating, ventilation, lighting, cooling, hot water, etc. The portion of each aspect depends on the type of business they are in. 

Lighting plays a significant part in estimating the electrical cost of work. Every building requires proper lighting to perform any work. The heating and cooling aspect depends on the weather. Ventilation is needed in every building. Hot water is required either in the structures of healthcare provision or food service. 

Restaurants use large units of refrigeration. Similar appliances like these also require more power. Hospitals have medical machines. They have to run 24/7 for patients. They also need good ventilation. Hence, some commercial setups require a higher maintenance cost of electricity than other types. 

Case studies of commercial electrical wiring projects


You need to keep your electrical costs in budget for your commercial buildings. You can do this by keeping some space for unexpected challenges. The challenges include labor shortages, last-minute demolitions, hefty permits and building incompatibility. 

Choose licensed electricians for your commercial projects. They are specialized in meeting the required specifications. Professional teams inspect and permit thoroughly. 

So, these technicians will work according to the code of compliance. You may face legal setbacks for poorly installed connections. It’s because they can put your building and employees.

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If you wish to independently estimate your project, you may refer to an article on the process of electrical estimating.


How do local building codes and regulations impact the cost of electrical wiring?

Make an initial investment to update the building codes. Once you do it, you will save costs in the long run. Upgrade your systems to make them energy-sufficient. The regulations require you to put in newer technologies. It will reduce the consumption of energy. Hence, building owners will receive lower bills for utility. 

What tips or strategies can help reduce the overall cost of electrical wiring in a commercial setting?

Implement intelligent systems in your commercial buildings for monitoring your utilities. You can then manage the costs that occur in wastage. Put energy savers for lighting in your facilities. Solar panels are another long-term investment. Invest in advanced technologies. 

How can I estimate the cost of electrical wiring for a commercial building?

For commercial buildings, the type of business determines the wiring cost. Electrical wiring cost depends on how much electricity is used. If the building relates to public service and hospitality, big units will have more wiring. Restaurants need massive units of refrigeration. So their electrical wiring cost will be high. 

What are the common challenges or pitfalls to avoid when planning a commercial electrical wiring project?

Always give room in your budget to meet any unexpected challenges. The challenges are

  • Incompatibility of the building regarding its code
  • Require enormous costs in taking permits
  • Demolitions may be needed at the last minute. So up-gradation needs some extra cost.
  • If there is a labor shortage, you must hire more by paying more.

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